Will OnlyFans Replace the Strip Club?

I don’t know why I’m writing this, but it’s something that came to me over the last few months.

During adulthood, I sometimes found myself hanging with the boys in strip clubs. Obviously, I’m not going into them every week (before or during COVID). I have, however, frequented them enough since turning twenty-one. Hell, I wrote a review about one spot in PG County during my “Wild and Unmedicated” days. It’s still an experience, though.

In 2020, things have changed, due to COVlD and a tectonic shift in sex work. Today, things are less in-person and more online. Instead of tipping people for their dances and having to pay a two-drink minimum, you can create an OnlyFans account and select who you’re giving your money to without the awkwardness of tipping one person five dollars while you tip another twenty. It’s an interesting time to be alive.

Perhaps I’m getting a bit ahead of myself.

For the uninitiated (all tree of y’all), OnlyFans is like Patreon. That is, it’s a streaming service where you can tip your favorite content creator(s). However, a good majority of its streamers participate in sex work versus streaming their reactions to no-scope kills in Fortnite or COD. You can pick and choose which content creators you subscribe to and tip them accordingly.

Now I’m not an OnlyFans subscriber. That’s mainly because of the whole subscription fees thing. As with some other subscription services, some content creators lose out on some of their monies because of a fee. In other words, the site takes a portion of creators’ subscription fees in order to host content. It makes sense (I mean, OF couldn’t run without revenue) but still sucks a bit. It’s kind of the same reason why I’d prefer to be like “hey what’s your Cashapp so can tip you and you don’t have to pay house fees.” Call me a simp or what have you, but it’s their job. If I was at work and my boss took a chunk of my money just so I could show up, I’d feel irky too.

The push towards more digitized and regulated sex work, from where I’m standing, stands to make a change–especially in COVID times. I mean, think about it: everyone has a computer or a smartphone. Mostly everyone has a credit card (or bank account). OnlyFans creators can make customized content so a subscriber feels more connected with a creator. It’s like getting a lap dance in some ways, except you can enjoy it in the comfort of your own home. It’s like porn but without the guilt (some major porn sites potentially house illegal porn, either because of the age of the participants, revenge porn or the content being pirated). Each performer is vetted and made sure they’re legal and also their content is theirs. Even with the occasional leak, the creators have more reign over what happens to their stuff.

They control the price and the market.

Because of these reasons, I see OnlyFans replacing the strip club in the coming years. In fact, it’s already started to happen–specifically because of COVID. What that means for strip clubs is that they’ll have to adapt or perish. Time will only tell if I’m right in my hypothesis, but it’s definitely an intriguing time if you’re into this sort of thing.


The day may come that OnlyFans will replace the strip club.

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