Keilan Chayce Watches the Walls

I had the chance to check out Keilan Chayce’s debut EP. The artist formerly known as Keichainz of Ricky hit my line a week and a half ago suggesting I check it out. Being familiar with his work through his Ricky stuff, I obliged.

Today marks the official release date of Watch the Walls! Walls is a self-produced EP recorded during the early portion of our 2020 Quarantine. It’s equal parts “I’m bored in the house and I’m in the house bored” contemplations and a desire to break free of whatever’s holding you back. Keilan mixes genres well, meshing hip-hop and pop into a blend that is authentic as it is catchy. Through four songs–one with an assist from Butch Dawson–Chayce showcases his lyrical fortitude, snapping on each bar he delivers. Going back to the “catchy” factor, he knows how to write a hook so it’s not just rappity-rap or melodic stylings.

Each track effortlessly bleeds into the next, creating an atmosphere equivalent to being in the room with Chayce as he’s figuring out where to go next. Whether that be “doing whatever the fuck he wants” or finding a way to not feel like the world’s collapsing, Keilan gives everything on this one. Because of that, listeners get an enjoyable and surprisingly deep–given its length, mind you–project.

Check out the project for yourself above and remember to support dope music in all its forms.


Keilan Chayce’s debut EP is as intriguing as it is good.

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