Marlow’s Latest is a Journey through the DMV

Marlow’s been consistent these last few months, especially since You Don’t Know Me dropped this calendar year. The first visual from this project, “Overdose” was a trippy ride. “Uh Uh” is the polar opposite, sonically and visually. The song’s simple hook (it features Marlow shouting “uh uh,” as he preps to spit dope bars) gives the actual lyrics in the track room to breathe. And breathe they do; Marlow proceeds to rap his ass off over the smooth and mellow production and highlight his corner of the DMV.

This one is a labor of love, as the visuals ooze PG and DC while still not just being a trip around the block. Instead, like the song itself, we get a look into the area while also seeing why Marlow is the way he is. I love the various shots in the video, from street drummers to haircuts to still images of the region. It’s powerful without being blatant, as the visuals showcase the resiliency of the DMV–just as the bars show Marlow as possessing the same qualities.

Marlow directed and edited the video as well, so we get to see his versatility at play. This one, like “Overdose” and the parent project, is a bop–plain and simple. Check out the visuals above and remember to support dope music in all its forms. The DMV and Central Maryland (specifically Baltimore) has so much talent, it’s crazy to ignore it at this point. If you’re not hip, get on the wave or get left.


Marlow’s latest visuals give viewers and listeners alike a deep look into the DMV.

Speed on the Beat

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