C.Shreve’s Latest Project is One of His Best Yet

Quarantine’s been the reason why many artists have been on their grind in 2020. If part of your revenue’s cut, the best way to counter that is to create–and create your ass off. I mean, it inspired me to drop two albums, so I can only imagine how other artists who use music is their job artists are. I’ve highlighted quite a few over the past year, one of which being C.Shreve the Professor, the teacher-turned-rapper-slash-podcaster.

Shreve’s latest–a collab album with Ile Flottane entitled ILE.Pro–delivers Shreve at his best. That’s high praise considering Shreve has dropped consistently great music since I first got introduced to him. On ILE.Pro, each bar cuts through the bullshit, while not just being another rappity-rap guy. That’s, as stated before, one of the reasons why I’ve supported Shreve as hard as I have over the years.

While it’s hard to choose just one track to highlight, I do have a favorite. That song is “Why I Teach.” “Teach” is a three-minute opus about how and why Shreve delivers his bars the way he does. It’s one that shows Shreve as being a knowledgeable man while still admitting his own flaws, thus making his teachings more realistic versus idealistic.

The boombap is on full display, but it has a timeless feel to it. It’s not stuck in the ’90s like quite a few boombap lovers can get. I think that’s also a credit to Ile’s production. The UK producer gives Shreve a platform to jump into and off of. It’s an authentic love letter to the boombap while still being a modern take on the style. ILE.Pro is an album that’s better heard than talked about. Quarantine’s been good to Shreve as he’s been able to further evolve his style and approach to music. Check out the project above and remember to support dope music in all its forms.


C.Shreve the Professor’s latest is one of his best projects.

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