Pharaoh Lamar’s “Bad News” Provides a Grand Omen of Clarity for the New Year

Ahead of his upcoming EP in February 2020, Homegrown, releasing on Bandcamp, Ohio/Maryland artist Pharaoh Lamar releases his addictive single “Bad News” , produced by Mike Cassidy at Corporate Fallout Studios.

A mark of a great song is from the first note when you can immediately surmise that the track will bang like Thor’s Mjölnir hammer to the forehead. Upcoming rappers and modern artists severely underestimate instrumental choice in the factor of listener satisfaction. Pharaoh Lamar understands this concept perfectly with the intro, with his prodigious command of melody hooking you in after the instrumental does its due diligence. “Bad News” is sad boy music done professionally and right for a venting relief and bop all in one. 

“I lost friends chasing half ass dreams.”

Older music critics comment on today’s Hip Hop music, saying that the rap artists are mistakenly singing their own hooks–off tune and forced at that–without enlisting the help of R&B acts for the hooks; like separation of Church and State for classic rap tracks. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t, but Pharaoh’s trained melodies + balance of crisp rap and crisp vocals shows that we indeed are not losing recipes. 

As complimentary I am being about the vivid sounds, the lyrics paint a candid story of a great artist who lost so much in 2020 in terms of friends, trust, and more that hits the spirit in very relatable bars.

“Don’t forget, you studied my movements…Emotions are like currency, I blow a stack like woe is me.” 

Beyond the composition, the lyrics hit like the blues in a liberating type of way for both the artist and any listener going through similar losses. 

You can stream the single on Bandcamp and follow on Instagram @Pharoah_lamar_ to keep up with the release of further content and projects going forth this year.


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