Pharaoh Lamar’s “Bad News” Visuals Sets Parameters for DIY Artistic Excellence in 2021

It’s rare for someone, or anything actually, to blow my expectations out the water multiple times. The accompanying visuals for “Bad News” by Belcamp’s very own Pharaoh Lamar are just as good as the audio only release I wrote about a few days prior. Lightning indeed struck twice as sad boy music was done professionally AGAIN.

I opened up the video with an extremely audible “HUH”? Not that there is nothing wrong with this genre of DIY music video cinematography at the local artist level, but I was expecting the hood regular: a rapper or rapper-esque artist posted with their boys in a remote location doing the Chief Keef headbop in unison to the song, weed smoking aesthetics, and a couple homegirls for a day-rental as video vixens. Again, there’s nothing wrong with that model from what I’ve seen, because you make do with what you have when you DIY in the modern music industry as a local independent artist.

Like with the composition of the actual song, Pharaoh Lamar exceeded expectations and the norm, with the visuals vicegripping your focus from the first few seconds. The transitions, animations, and background scenery assisted in making a slam dunk as the lyrics flashed across the screen. Pharaoh Lamar’s face would also come on screen as he rapped his lyrics in a way that emphasized him for a moment but only to direct you back to the lyrics and visuals.

Although the music video was short and repeated animations, Pharaoh has already proved in the first month of January to be the Dark Horse of music this year amongst his peers.

You can stream the single on Bandcamp and follow on Instagram @Pharoah_lamar_ to keep up with the release of further content and projects going forth this year.


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