Cornelius Williams Gifts Quality Healing Ballad “My Girl” Single for Valentine’s Day

Cornelius Williams, aka Neil the Producer, releases his newest single “My Girl”, which delivers rare levels of musical meticulousness in every part of the process that I do not see as the standard of the current generation.

This comment speaks to the talent and training of Neil personally more than a jab at the music of today’s hard working artists. However, it is evident within the first few moments of the song which indicates who’s got it, and who doesn’t. Neil definitely establishes the dichotomy with the 6 minute ballad that kept me gripped until the end, timely and right on Valentine’s Day. The professional delivery of the verses, hooks, and transitions certified to me that we indeed don’t get ballads and trained church vocals in our modern R&B any longer.

“My Girl” sounds like actual rhythm and blues. Incorporating the line “The month of may” was an ode to the original Temptations song “My Girl”, with standout original lyrics such as “I put a lot of faith in your hands,” talking about the gravity of having a love so deep in your heart that you’re praying for them and thinking about a long-term future.

It is more than evident that “My Girl” is a live performance track, intended for whenever the pandemic ends and showering Neil with the in-person, unfiltered praise he deserves for this great ballad.

The harmonization and candid talk at the end of the track solidify the song as not just a solid single, but a healing session for the soul of any other person going through a similar situation.

The Maestro ahead of the single gave words about the song:

You can stream “My Girl” by Cornelius Williams, keeping up with his Instagram @neiltheproducer,  and his YouTube channel for more great music and content.


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