True God Takes ’24 Hours’ to Showcase His Love on Latest EP

Yesterday, True God released an EP that, according to him, came together over a night’s worth of harmonies and songwriting. The 24 Hour Love EP is an eight-track project is a bit late, but still keeps those warm feelings of Valentine’s Day going with each song. Bouncing throughout several forms of R&B (though all firmly find themselves on the more soulful side of things), True gives listeners a lot to absorb. What makes this special to me is that it’s heavy on 1990s references and tones while still being something that is completely from this decade in its production.

From the Jodeci-homaging “Step In” to the Prince-esque next song “Make Sweet Love” all the way down to the slow grinder “Can I Be Yours,” Brother True put his foot into these songs. The man can sing and has a large grasp on harmonizing, though we knew that from the first Melodic Sphere project. However, here, he takes it to another plane, giving listeners eight lover anthems. The beauty is that each song is actually about love and positive energies. In an era where contemporary R&B still is on its collective “you ain’t shit and I ain’t either” tip, my ears always perk up when it comes to a project where an artist uses their vocals to sing about love, sensuality and all the good that love can bring about. If I didn’t know True as a person, I’d still put this one in my playlists because, at the end of the day, I’m a sucker for love. And you can’t have good love without a good song in your heart. True’s 24 Hour Love EP is equal parts love letter to 1990s R&B and soul and a declaration from a man that says “yes, I believe in love and I believe it’s beautiful and powerful.”

Check out the project above and remember to support dope music in all its forms.

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