Premiere: Jim Swim’s Gotta Be Like Water on New Song

Yesterday, I dropped some thoughts on Jim Swim’s “Nothing New.” In my review of that dark love song, I mentioned that he was prepping to release another song, “Gotta Be Like Water.” The song officially released today and, to me, it embodies Bruce Lee’s famous quote pretty well.

Over an ethereal synthy production, Swim makes it known that he’s been through some dark times–but will keep pushing because there’s nowhere to go but up. Even as he’s been the reactive type, he knows that those times aren’t all he has to offer. To admit one’s faults is human, but to use those faults to better oneself is divine. I mentioned yesterday that “Water” keeps some of the same energies as “Nothing New,” and what I mean by that is this. It’s a darker song, but one that still has some light inside of it. And just like his 50s skeleton prom song, “Gotta Be Like Water” hones in on some of these negatives and turns them into positives.

If you liked Jim Swim’s take on “Nothing New,” I believe you’ll really enjoy “Gotta Be Like Water.” It doesn’t sound exactly like “New,” but that’s part of the allure of being a competent artist (not creating the same thing multiple times in a row). Check it out below and remember to support dope music in all its forms.

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