Jim Swim’s “Nothing New” is Dark but Lovely

The homie Julie hit my line with this one from Iowa native Jim Swim. I wasn’t that familiar with Jim, so Julie filled me in. The brother is a talented artist who’s up big in a Best Songwriter contest. On top of that, the music slaps, so I said “sign me up to peep this.” Swim describes the song as “lo-fi 50s prom music [for] dancing skeletons,” and I don’t think I could come up with a better description.

“New” is a dark love song where Jim sings about just wanting to go back to the way things were, which is a slightly simple premise. However, instead of roses, infinite love and rainbows, Swim’s past with his lover revolves around drunken nights and confusing days. That turn makes the song that much poignant.

In some ways, “Nothing New” is a perfect pining-for-you song in the face of quarantine. We’re at that point where even a somewhat toxic past seems appealing in the face of an uncertain future. Even though we should always look towards a better future, people are creatures of habit. With that, escaping back to the past is something we often do–even if it leads us to dancing skeletons and getting drunk off love and booze all over again. It’s a relatable track, even though my own return to normalcy has been a lovely ride through love and familial ties.

This one is, in some ways, also a preview for Jim’s “Gotta Be Like Water.” “Water” will be released tomorrow on all DSPs. I had the chance to preview it and it’s a solid track that keeps some of the same energies from “Nothing New”–but it’s also pretty different.

Until tomorrow, check out “Nothing New” above and remember to support dope music in all its forms.

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