HS Gives Us the Love of Gods on Latest EP

While True and Apollo have been busy with solo projects and Elite collaborations, they give listeners some of their best work when they work together. They also bring out the best in me outside of solos, but I hate tooting my own horn–especially when I’m not involved on a project. Their latest collab, The Love of Gods, is no different–even if the approach to the subject matter is more along the lines of the Melodic Sphere series.

From the sultry “Arabian Nights” through the rest of the album, the duo tap into their crooner personas. And because of this, we get some loverman jams in the vein of Jodeci meets Pharrell meets The Weeknd (minus the drug-addled lyricism). The eight track project is quick enough you can zoom through it during a smoke session or, if you should choose, a part of a night of passion. However, their ear for production and knack for songwriting helps elevate this project beyond just the two singing about love and lust.

Simply put, it’s one helluva album that will keep you entertained but also wanting to show love to someone special. Check it out above via song.link and remember to support dope music in all its forms. You never know where your new favorite song will come from.

Speed on the Beat

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