Let’s Talk ‘Melodic Sphere’

When asking True what the next steps were for DAR Elite after Land of Love, he didn’t really give me much to go off of–except a bunch of beats where he told me to sing. Me, being a guy who can hold a note but prefers to Auto-Tune my voice, obliged. It was either that or just sit in my house, contemplating ways to make Caviar Dreams even more of an ideal SOTB album. A month or so of collaborative emails and link ups with other Elite members later and we’ve got Melodic Sphere.

The album comes in at 21 tracks and features the team harmonizing, singing and even getting our inner Chester Bennington scream-sing voice going on a track or two. To be honest, I’m not writing about this project just because it’s another eclectic and solid Elite production. Eclectic music that’s still top shelf while being eclectic is what the Elite Gang is good at. Besides, writing a review on a project I’m featured on heavily wouldn’t be all that objective. It’d be like me writing a review on Caviar Dreams when it drops.

No, my main reason for writing about Melodic Sphere is that it continues the New Era I’ve mentioned on the site from time to time. Before the last few years, I wouldn’t have even dreamed of singing a whole verse on more than a song or two. It wasn’t that I hated singing; I just never thought of myself as much of a singer. Anyone who knows me knows my complicated history with holding a note. After BCB 2, things changed. I began to think more about my legacy as an underground artist, even if I’m not the most known of the bunch. I came to a crossroads: I could continue to play it safe and always be a rapper’s rapper or I can branch out and come full circle.

Half circles are incomplete and boring, so here we are.

The project was fun to put together, as it featured the entirety of Elite stepping out our comfort zones and doing things we just felt like doing, things out of the ordinary. Hearing Shxggy sing on a track was as fun as it was to hear us all doing whatever we felt was appropriate for the mood. I hope you all have as much fun, even if you’re chuckling at me doing faux-metal growls, as we had branching out.


DAR Elite presents an eclectic mix of harmonies on Melodic Sphere

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