Goodness Godson of Baltimore Stakes His Claim and Prodigal Musicianship with ‘As/Is’ Project

Goodness Godson is a primary reason why I’ll forever harp on the brilliance, innovations and noteworthy evolutions of Baltimore. In the midst of his talented peers going nuts on the Bandcamp Friday and beyond, such as Android 23’s newest project “Such is Life,” YTK’s smash-viral hit “Let It Off” and Butch Dawson’s dynamic rollout with “Hummer,” Goodness Godson made his stake for the buzzer beater of the most recent Bandcamp Friday and notable project of last weekend with As/ Is.

This project comes off of his project from last year, Everything is Selfish, which was, in my opinion, the best produced local Baltimore project from top to bottom.

When Goodness Godson writes, he writes with a fervor, intention and professionalism that could easily land him in a writing camp for a superstar musical artist like Rihanna, Beyonce, Britney Spears, Ne-Yo, etc. In this new project, Godson retains these skills telling stories about his ego, love life and more whilst delivering encapturing instrumentals throughout. This new Goodness Godson project is worth the buy on Bandcamp now, lovely to blast on a drive and/or a nice day as the good sunny weather becomes more consistent. One thing that stands out besides the instrumentation is Godson’s vocals and ability to connect the songs like a consistent thread of consciousness. I would not be able to pick a certified favorite because all tracks have gotten replay value from me in the past few days since its debut and likely will even more so in the near future.

While you can hear Godson’s R&B, Rock and Rap influences, the Pop sounds and orchestrations are very much present, a strong point for a versatile Baltimore artist where many would consider it crippling in the current 410 musical zeitgeist. Every single track speaks to the concept of As/Is: self discovery, self-reflection and a release.

I asked Godson briefly about the process behind it.

MV: “What made you title the album As/Is?”

GG: “I kinda made it on the spot and didn’t put too much behind it kinda like ‘here’s what you get as / is nothing crazy’.”

MV: “What was the inspiration behind the unique instrumentation and composition of the project as a whole?”
GG: “I wanted to showcase my production and versatility and give people a couple different styles, a bit of something for everybody.”

MV: Can you describe the time crunch you mentioned while making this?”

GG: “Basically I and some friends decided about a week ahead of Bandcamp Friday we would try to get some releases out. Since we all had the same studio there wasn’t ample time to work as efficiently and I ended up having to record and mix about 11 or songs in 3 days one of the nights being an all nighter. I wanted it out by Friday; it’s what I promised myself. I didn’t actually end up finishing till 11:30pm that night but still got it out.“

MV: “What did you set out to accomplish with this project? What’s next for you?”

GG: “I wanted to give people who were fans something, it had been some time since I had released and I felt I wasn’t giving enough to the people, I also wanted to touch a new fan base and garner some looks from my peers, considering I do everything myself I think I didn’t do bad for creating a cohesive project. My next step is working on my Album LOST, which I will be putting a bit more effort behind in creating an immersive experience. It will be my best work yet, so I’m excited!”

You can check out Goodness Godness’s newest, rawest and refreshing work now on Bandcamp.

You can follow the artist @goodnessgodson on Twitter and IG to keep up with updates, announcements and the incredible journey of Goodness Godson.


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