Carter Marie Says It’s Good to See You on Latest EP

A new month means that there’s likely to be new Carter Marie music. Since she’s one of my favorite artists to cover on SOTB (and, admittedly, she’s the homie), I had to write about her new project. It’s, as always, beautiful music. But it goes even deeper.

“Stumble,” the introductory track to Carter Marie’s latest EP, Good to See You, lets listeners know that she doesn’t need a lover. Over the past year or so, she’s been working on herself and growing in the process. However, someone to come home to wouldn’t be a bad thing at all. She’s just waiting for the right one and not rushing into things. That don’t rush challenge is one many can get behind and it sets up the rest of the EP.

From here, we get into “Standing Up,” a song that takes the “sex and dessert” theme we get with a lot of modern R&B and turns it upside down. Instead, she would prefer someone she can build with. Sure, sex is fun and may even be great. But, there’s more to a relationship–even one that may have FWB leanings–than just laying down. and laying “it” down. This want for a more concrete relationship brings us to “More than Yesterday,” a slower ballad lamenting on a love that may have passed by, and “With Her,” a song that deals with loving a man who’s spoken for.

If you were to ask me what the general theme of Good to See You, I’d have to say “growing up.” We don’t stop growing and figuring out what we want when we hit adulthood. At least, we shouldn’t stop growing and wanting different/better things. We also should take our losses and learn from them, even if the lesson is one that’s painful (such as in “With Her”). The title of the project even has some of this in it, as the EP talks about lost loves, where they stand now, and how we can learn from our pasts.

Check out the project above and remember to support dope music in all its forms.

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