Verze Is Looking for “Better Situations” in First Drop of 2021

After a guest appearance on Swayze’s REVENGEPACK, Verze’s 2021 continues to get off to a big start with the recently-released “Better Situations.” The recently-signed Baltimore artist’s latest track is, in his words, a heartfelt burner about wanting the best for him and his people. From where I’m standing, this song accomplishes that and more. I think it has a lot to do with Verze’s sing-songy flow on it, as the emotions he, no doubt, feels about these scenarios pour out better as he’s harmonizing over the sparse Rip Knoxx production.

The video is straightforward, in that it features Verze in several situations where he wants better for his team and those he surrounds himself with. The coolest part of the video comes at the end, as the director, Terrance “89 Crownz” Smalls, repeats images of Verze rapping out the last part of the song over a black background. This portion is the most eye-catching to me because it makes the viewer see that, unless Verze finds these better situations, he’s doomed to repeat his previous errors. Check out the video and the song above and remember to support dope music in all its forms. We’re all looking for better situations, so let’s find them–together.

Speed on the Beat

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