No Hooks Needed Now on Audiomack AND Bandcamp (Amended)

For some reason, Audiomack’s embed feature isn’t working. Click the cover art to go to my Audimack page.

In celebration of the end of Black Music Month, I’ve released “No Hooks Needed” on Audiomack AND Bandcamp–as well as your Spotifies, Apple Musics and Tidals of the world. Audiomack has been pretty receptive to showcasing indie artistry, so I’m proud to have this new song of mine showcased on their site. If you don’t want to buy the song and feel weird about streaming on Spotify, check it out here and stay tuned for more The Sorest Loser 2 tracks as well as the album proper on August 17th.

On that note, if you do want to buy the track and support indie hip-hop, I’m offering it over on Bandcamp as we speak.

Trust me, it’ll be worth the wait.

Speed on the Beat

Whatever you need to know about me, you can find out on Dad of two, cat dad (of two), mental health advocate, Team Support Dope Music in All Its Forms.

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