Let’s Talk “No Hooks Needed” and the TSL2 Track Listing

Today, I released the first of two (possibly three, depending on the traction the first two gain) singles from The Sorest Loser 2.

The song, “No Hooks Needed,” takes a cypher-esque approach to hip-hop and features myself, True God and Shokus Apollo rapping our collective asses off. It was an honor to share the stage once again with my DAR OG brothers. The beat was self-produced, something I did my fair share of on TSL2. It tries to put people into a nerdy but combative space by creating a loop that sounds like it’s straight out of Final Fantasy X (say what you will about Tidus’ laughter, the music in that game was top-notch). It felt good to get back on the boards for the first time since Songs For… 2 and create a soundscape for my lyrics.

In short, it’s a track that–at least from where I’m standing–will deserve any fire emojis people give it online. That said, I can’t kick off this cycle of the album release schedule without revealing a bit more about the project. Why give a taste if you’re not going to let people eat a bit between now and the main course?

In closing out The Sorest Loser 2, which is due out on my 33rd birthday (August 17th), I reached out to some of my artistic family, while also keeping things close to the vest. I also called in a few favors. Both of those are how I secured a Carter Marie feature on the project and got some new beats from Benji Armstrong and True to record over. It’s also why, aside from Carter Marie, the only vocal features on the project are True and Apollo. I wanted to keep the project mainly focused on me with some key additions throughout the album.

Now sonically and lyrically, the project itself is one that’s as ambitious as an SOTB album can get, continuing on the energy given over For My NIGGAS and Caviar Dreams while still keeping true to the following equation: Focused Speed + Dope Beats + Meticulously Picked Out Guest Stars = Good and Nerdy No-Fi Hip-Hop. In doing so, I also included versions of songs from the Bandcamp version of For My NIGGAS to finally see the light of day on other DSPs including the Apollo-aided “Chrono Trigger.” The project doesn’t feature the doom and gloom of certain early projects. It doesn’t even feature the contemplativeness and questioning of the first The Sorest Loser album. Instead, there’s an air of happiness and a confidence that comes with accepting some of my own unique greatness. It’s a celebration of who I am and a celebration of good times and dope rhymes. I hope you all enjoy the album as much as I enjoyed making it. So, without further ado, here’s the track listing for The Sorest Loser 2.

Speed on the Beat

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