Ayoka is Ready for the Weekend

Happy Sunday, SOTB Faithful. You’re probably wondering why I’m dropping a piece on a Sunday versus literally any other day of the week. Well, it’s simple. It’s a holiday and Ayoka has new music that’s pretty celebratory. No, it’s not rocking out to super Team America vibes. However, the track “Weekend” features the singer/songwriter tapping into some booming MMG-esque production to cheer being free from the mortal coil known as Monday through Friday afternoon for a few days.

The week sucked for Ayoka on this song, and that’s something we can all relate to from time to time. From a turbulent relationship to dealing with others’ foolishness, she’s seen it all and worked through it all. However, it all goes away for a bit with a declaration to get lit on Friday night through Sunday night. In other words, Ayoka kills the negativity while celebrating her freedom. The beat lends itself well to Ayoka’s lyrics and her melodic rap-singing. You can tell that she had fun creating this one, even if it’s not as singing-heavy as some of her other tracks. For a summer jam, that’s okay though–especially since the summer is for happiness and lituations, not doom and gloom. Check out the song above and remember to support dope music in all its forms and be sure to remember one thing: the weekend is for good vibes only.

Speed on the Beat

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