IDK and Young Thug Collaborate on PradadaBang

IDK has been on an almost unfathomable run over the last few years. The PG County native has collaborated with some of the biggest names in hip-hop, while never losing sight of what made him popular to his day-ones. Instead, he’s combined that with new sounds and tactics to become a more complete artist. Essentially, he’s still subtrapping and doing sex, drugs and homework (while he dislikes when I reference his super old shit, there’s a point to it here). While he’s doing that, he’s doing it bigger and better than he was when he first came out. On songs like “Shoot My Shot” and “Peloton,” we see this growth and maturation. On 2019’s Is He Real?, we got this as well on what was one of my favorite albums from that year. Admittedly, I didn’t write about it here, but that was because I chose to just enjoy it as a fan.

His recent collaboration with Thugger, “PradadaBang,” continues this growth and exposure to new audiences.

Thug delivers in a way only he could on a song like this, giving us bombastic braggy rap. Thug knew the assignment and delivered what was needed. IDK comes in with punchlines like “How you want Birkins and shit/When you ain’t even got a house?/We get in one argument, you gon’ live in that purse when I’m kickin’ you out.” I like this one because, as mentioned, it takes what we’ve loved about IDK for years (lyrical rap, punchlines for days, jokes that are delivered deadpan as hell, etc.” and transplants that onto a Young Thug assist.

Overall, it keeps that same energy we got from “Shoot My Shot” and shows why IDK is still one to watch in this game. If you’re in the DMV tomorrow, he’s having an event that’s equal parts self-celebration and celebration for the area that helped raise him. I mean, the brother’s USEE4YOURSELF drops on Friday. It’s only right he comes back to where it all started. Check his IG for details (it may be booked up already) and remember to support dope music in all its forms.

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