How “Be” Asserts Itself as One of Jai Musiq’s Greatest Singles to Date

Jai Musiq is no stranger to success: getting it out the mud, carving out a successful coalition in his city and beyond, and bankrolling his music career for years now to harvest the fruits of labor as he deserves. While the young Memphis artist has a lot farther to go in his titan-like career, Jai Musiq has come so far with quality music and feats of his own superior originality.

What makes “Be” strike like a lightning bolt to the forehead is that it jolts jubilance, freedom and smooth energy within you that makes you wonder how you went without such a healing single from the Memphis maestro for so long. Jai Musiq has given us songs with positive, galvanizing energy throughout his discography before such as “It Gets Better with Time” , but from start to finish this time I couldn’t help myself from smiling. 

I was riding through Brooklyn on a Saturday afternoon grinning ear to ear in the summer sun as I replayed the single back to back. Anyone has the possibility to make a track with beautiful themes and lyrics. Anyone has the ability to lace a song with clever lyrics, flow and sagacious song composition sufficient enough for the radio play. However, it is extremely difficult to do both and Jai Musiq accomplishes both arduous tasks like child’s play without making it corny or cheesy in the least.

Directed by longtime visual partner @B_Nodd, the music video also makes this single a case for being one of the greatest of the year, mainstream or not. With vivid colors, crisp transitions and emphasizing nostalgia in an appreciative, innovative way rather than blatant copying, the replay value is astronomically high as it is addictive.

The world is exploding in turmoil nowadays more than ever with politics, pestilence, and more that make our individual daily routines seem even more hellishly cyclical and pointless. “Be” feels like a release to the cycle that many feel like they are stuck in with great vocals, instrumentation, and lyrics from start to finish. “Be” reminds me of hearing the joy, candidness and soul from rapper J.Cole’s “Crooked Smile” in the summer of 2013.

Jai Musiq’s church backgrounds ring through in the captivating intro.

He gets relatable with his content, not solely preaching to the choir but reflecting on his life.

But how can I blame you?
Before I came to record I did the same too.

“Be” is a strong single with an even stronger stream of messages that can only be delivered by the great JaiMusiq. Click the link to listen to the healing single on all streaming platforms, continue to follow his journey @JaiMusiq on Instagram and Twitter.


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