‘TSL2’ Singles

Over the last month or so, I’ve been busy plugging away at releasing singles for The Sorest Loser 2. I never stopped to realize that “hey, it may be beneficial to have both of them in the same place.” That’s the downside of firing on all cylinders; sometimes, you’ll miss an easy layup. With that in mind, please see above for the three singles that’ve been released from The Sorest Loser 2: “Can’t Stop the Reign,” “Never Fail” and “No Hooks Needed.”

You may be wondering why both of these singles have negatives in them (“never” and “no”) and the final TSL2 single is called “Can’t Stop the Reign.” Simply put, I wanted anthems to reflect where my head was during the process of recording and promoting TSL2. I wanted songs that showed that, even while I may’ve been going through issues on the personal side of things, the music will never stop or fail to motivate while also just being as hard as it can be. I want to make good music that people can listen to, vibe with but also learn something from. And I feel that I’ve been able to do that more over the last two-to-three years’ worth of projects (from Son of the Beast through TSL2).

As noted in various other pieces, the album proper drops on my 33rd birthday. Check it out if you want to see where my head’s at in 2021. And if you’re really down with SOTB, check out the Bandcamp links (I kid, but I’m relatively serious at the same time).

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