Inswain Says No One’s “Like Me” in New Track

When some people hear the concept of “frat boy trap,” I’m sure it brings up terrible visions and visuals of white rappers gentrifying trap music (or, y’know, someone like 69 getting non-Black people to rap the N-word with him in concert). And, for some, that’s an accurate assertion. I can’t even lie or sugarcoat that.

However, for North Carolina artist Inswain, that assertion doesn’t really match as much. Yes, his track “Like Me” has “frat boy trap” leanings. The beat is trappy AF, bass-heavy and reminds me of something that Lil Skies or even Drake (if he was feeling feisty) would hop on. However, his infectious nature and control over the beat reminds me of a mix between Skies and Asher Roth when he first dropped with a teeny bit of Mac Miller’s good-natured vibes. Now, for those that don’t know, I clowned “I Love College” but thought that Asher Roth was a talented artist from my first listen. He was proto-Mac in some ways, even though Asher leaned more towards the Eminem side of white rappers.

Getting back to Inswain’s track, “Like Me” is, as mentioned, an infectious romp of a track. Even within that infectiousness, “Like Me” also features the Wilmington native dropping some knowledge and bars about how he doesn’t take his life for granted. I respect that fully and am glad I had the chance to peep this song. I also respect the fact that the guy’s just having fun with his music here; he’s not fake posturing as a gangsta-ass dude or what have you. So, check it out and remember to support dope music in all its forms. You never know where you’ll find your new favorite song.

Speed on the Beat

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