Amaru Cloud Keeps His “Composure”

Now, anyone who knows me knows I don’t exactly keep up with every new artist. It’s not because I’m an old, but because there are so many artists out there that it’s hard to keep track at times. However, the ones I do rock with, I tend to look for indie artists who remind me of them. For example, Jersey-residing artist Amaru Cloud reminds me of a mix of Jack Harlow and Roddy Ricch; his melodic flow over beats definitely lends itself well to radio-friendly tracks. On top of that, he’s able to throw some ear-catching bars in with the melodies. He’s got his ear to the streets and he seemingly knows what works for him as an artist and as a human. That much gets him some props on this here corner of the Internet.

One of Cloud’s tracks, “Composure,” hit my inbox recently. I’ve got to say that the track had me bobbing my head pretty hard. I think it’s a combination of Cloud’s flow and the Pop Smoke-esque beat that kept me entranced by the song. Plus, as mentioned, the guy has bars which he can weave into his trap-esque flow. It’s a solid song and one that makes me want to hear more from the Jersey native.

Check out “Composure” below and remember to support dope music in all its forms.

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