Aurora Anthony Talks Temptation in “Terracotta” Visuals

When I received Aurora Anthony’s “Terracotta” in my inbox, the first thing I said is that it reminds me of what’d happen if Future did boombap. Yes, there’s a bit of muted singing throughout the track, hence the Future comparisons. However, what takes this one to the next level is the fact that Anthony also delivers bars on top of bars about his predicament. This situation, according to a piece on HHS87, takes some inspiration from current affairs, temptations (read: sex, money, drugs, etc.) as well as a classic DMX album. Where the visuals shine the brightest are the moments where Anthony’s life seems the most in peril.

The video begins with Anthony walking through a hallway, bandaged up, rapping the first half of the song as if he’s talking to someone. Where things take a drastic shift are after the first “interlude” within the song. From there, we get more lyricism but we also see Anthony indulging in some pretty hedonistic behaviors (drinking, escapism, setting up someone to come through to have sex while possibly gone off drugs, etc) and the visuals take on a darker tone as well. Gone are the whites of the first half of the song, replaced by a dark room with a heavier, darker presence throughout. It’s as if Anthony gave into his base desires and became one with the darkness.

This track is the second visual released from his upcoming album, which is due out next Friday. While mid-August is Sorest Loser 2 time for me, I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for Aurora Anthony’s project when it hits DSPs as well. Check out the video for “Terracotta” below and remember to support dope music in all its forms.

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