Mickey DAZE Spits Truths From the Heart

Over an instrumental that reminds me of something DOOM or Curren$y would spit on, Mickey DAZE just gives us one for the rappity-rap fans. Don’t take that as a slight, please; I’m as big of a rappity-rap fan as they come. In fact, this one was a breath of fresh air this morning versus some of the other submissions I’ve received either through my email or my SubmitHub. See, what really grabbed me was the production. Once DAZE started rapping, though, that’s where everything came together. It’s a breezy lyrical track, one that made me want to hear more from the rhymesayer.

So, I checked out another one of his tracks, “11:11.” This one was produced by the same person who did “Collard Greens,” CSTLE. His bars are top-notch here as well and the introspection hit me in the chest like a brick (especially because of what he’s talking on and what I and people around me are going through). The brother is obviously not just rapping to rap, he’s here to make an impact with his lyricism and that’s something I can respect. Check out the tracks above and below and remember to support dope music in all its forms.

Speed on the Beat

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