The North Star Take a Page from Black Star on “Rap Heroics”

The North Star is a collective featuring rapper Brandon Isaacs and producer Free Mind. Their debut project is due out in about two weeks, a bit of a play on Black Star’s debut album–at least in terms of album art and philosophy behind the name. As Black Star is named after Garvey’s shipping company, The North Star seems to take its name from the abolitionist newspaper of the same name. And like that paper, Isaacs and Free aim to provide listeners with the freedom and ability to seek knowledge. The first track released from the upcoming album, “Rap Heroics,” features Isaacs snapping lyrically over a mellow but triumphant soul sample-esque beat.

“Rap Heroics” deals with the nature of the emcee and their duty to not only move the crowd but also be a beacon of light in the darkness to guide the masses along their way to greatness. Lyrically, that’s there in spades. Additionally, the simplistic approach to the video helps listeners focus on the bars versus what’s going on in the video. The song starts with Isaacs meeting KRS-One and then goes into the track proper, which features The North Star rapping into a home studio set up to get out their dreams. Check out the track above and remember to support dope music in all its forms.

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