Trav B Ryan is Blessed and Fortunate

Sometimes, one line will make or break a song. Sometimes, a single bar will keep me from posting a track. Inversely, one line will sometimes make me post a song with reckless abandon. In the case of Trav B Ryan’s “Blessed and Fortunate,” that one line went something like “she like to spit, so I call her Papoose.”

Now, “Blessed and Fortunate” is a club anthem about celebrating the wins in life. It’s not entirely within the SOTB aesthetic to post club bangers. That said, the Papoose line made me put on the screw face and just say “aight fam, I see you.” For me, it’s clever without being wink wink nudge “clever” or ruined by a “get it?” moment. In fact, it closes out the second verse, leading back into the chant-ready chorus.

On top of that, the production here sounds a bit like something you would’ve heard Pop Smoke hop on. It’s radio-ready but has a distinct street-heavy feel to it. Trav’s flow is rapid-fire ready, but not so fast you can’t understand him. Overall, it’s a great late summer anthem–especially with people gearing up to close their summer 2021 off well, Delta variant be damned. Check out the song below and remember to support dope music in all its forms.

Speed on the Beat

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