Baby Kahlo Makes a Song for the BadGirlz

Showing a bit of skin and a different style than her usual, Baby Kahlo’s “BadGirlz” is her latest and possibly one of her greatest. While the song features some dancehall vibes, it is still distinctly Kahlo Muerto music. The West Baltimore native shows off her diversity by sing-rapping throughout the track, which is sure to make the clubs go up. It’s equal parts celebration of the bomb-ass women from the 410/443 and a defiant track, as it doesn’t focus on what a man can do for the BadGirlz of the world. Yes, Kahlo acknowledges that things would be better with a guy in her corner. However, she knows that she can do bad (read: good) all by herself, simply because of her pedigree and her demeanor.

“BadGirlz” continues Kahlo’s buzz from the last few years. During this time, she’s been featured on quite a few “Best of” lists and tracks from Baltimore’s best and brightest, from Miss Kam to yours truly. You’d think that after being mentioned as one of the DMV’s next up, Kahlo would chill. Those that know her, they know chilling isn’t in her dictionary. Remember, this is a young woman who, last year, released “Top Bitch”—which was equally defiant and abrasive. So, as the guitar licks go crazy to close out “BadGirlz,” we begin to see what Kahlo has done and what she still can do.

For those who are unaware of Kahlo, this is a fiery introduction to her style, as it blends sexy, crazy and a cool defiance well. For those who’ve been there since day one, this is a bit of validation as Kahlo’s reaching the peaks she initially set out to. Either way, it’s a great track. Check out the song above and remember to support dope music in all its forms.

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