Jacob ZL Hopes to Land on the Moon

Jacob ZL hit my line with this one with the preface of it being his first song after being released from an exploitative record deal. As an indie artist myself (and one who dealt with a shitty label experience early on in my career), I felt that and it made me want to see what he put down on “Land on the Moon.” To be frank, I didn’t know what to expect. That’s mainly because I hadn’t really heard much of his music. He ran down some of his features and places his music’s been showcased and I said to myself “alright, let’s see what’s good with this.” Once the piano-heavy beat hit and he started rapping rapping about some of the things he wants to accomplish, even while dealing with BS? I was sold on this one entirely.

What makes this one special when compared to other “I’m finally free of my label” tracks is that it doesn’t really dwell on that fact. Instead, he opts to do two things. He sets out provide the listener with dope vibes and gives listeners bars on top of bars about doing his best. It’s definitely one of those “I’ll be back for more” sorts of songs. I think it’s also that he reminds me of a mix between Mac and Joey Bada$$–which gives him poignant bars with a laidback flow–which makes me want to hear more from him. Check out “Land on the Moon” above and remember to support dope music in all its forms.

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