True God Takes Interstate 200 on New Tribute to the H-Town Sound

Today, let’s talk a bit about one of my brother True’s latest tracks, “Interstate 200.” “Interstate 200” is a bass-heavy track featuring Blxck Shxggy and J-Pegs the Legend. The song is a tribute to the halcyon days of Houston music, down to the Pimp C-esque sing-rap chorus (even down to the falsetto employed a bit throughout the chorus’s ad libs). It’s a magnificent track, one that sets up Soul Revival 5 as an album that’s going to be a bit different than the first four project in the series. Yes, there’s the True spitting his soul element and there’s still the “we’re doing this our way” element. However, there’s also a bit more happiness and more of a general at ease feeling than on the previous Soul Revival albums.

Pegs starts off the song with a prototypical Pegs verse, riding the beat like a NASCAR driver in Daytona. Shxggy then comes in second, doing a bit of a chopper flow while still hitting the beat. True’s verse, for me, was the strongest element because it’s different than both what we’ve come to expect from him and different than what his Elite teammates gave on this one. Overall, it’s a great single for the album–which is due out in a bit. Check it out above and remember to support dope music in all its forms.

Speed on the Beat

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