The Most Art Discusses Solitary and Enacting Change in the 2020s on “Taco Supreme”

Now y’all know me. I tend to stay away from overly commercial-friendly tracks on the site. That’s not to say they don’t have their place, but you can typically find a million sites dedicated to that lane. With that in mind, I got this track from The Most Art entitled “Taco Supreme” that–on its surface–feels like another “damn shawty bad and she know it” sort of song. However, with the lyrics and the accompanying video, we see another layer to the influencer(s) we may see on IG or Twitter.

Taking place at some point during 2020, “Taco Supreme” features an unnamed woman played by Chef Priyanka living her life through her posts and likes. However, she does all of this alone and doesn’t seem overly content with the way things are going. This could be taken one of several ways, so let’s break down a couple of them.

First, the video and the song are possibly as a reference to how the world’s changed since COVID-19 became “a thing.” We’re often glued to our phones or other devices to talk and communicate with others because face-to-face interaction has been slowed a bit. Secondly, the video seems to serve as a reminder that we only know what people are telling us. For example, our chef extraordinaire, after her day of influencing, fighting the patriarchy, cooking online and doing what seems like an AMA, disconnects. She unwinds with a bath, some food and a glass of wine. In other words, the influencer is just like the rest of us. When the cameras are off, she wants to remove herself from a world that typically requires us to be plugged in almost 24/7 at this point. That’s my takeaway from this one, on top of it being a bop. It usually is deeper than what we see.

Check out the video below and remember to support dope music in all its forms.

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