Bolt Seminar Question Life and Its Meaning Throughout Purposely Flawed

The above video is the latest visuals from New York duo Bolt Seminar. Throughout “Purposely Flawed,” rapper Dell Wells questions the reasoning for our existence while also rapping about possible other lifeforms interspersed throughout the universe. On top of that, Wells also raps about systems designed to hold people down and ways we can counteract those negative energies. It’s an abstract song which is brought full-circle by the video.

The video, simple in design but highly intellectual in execution, features a woman seemingly walking aimlessly through a snowy abyss. Spliced in are images of broken ice and polar bears attacking their prey, possibly to suggest that a world without reason is a dark and bitter one. Thankfully, rhyme and reason reign supreme in the end and the track ends without a real resolution–but still provides hope for the future. It’s beautiful music at its finest, so check it out and remember to support dope music in all its forms.

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