Vinnie Vinnie Says You’ve Gotta Love It on New Track

Vinnie Vinnie’s “Gotta Love It” feels like a mix between a 2000s Rap-and-B song (think a lot of Fabolous’s hits) and a conscious take on a Loverman rap. If you’re wondering how that comes out in the end, I personally think it works well. Over a driving beat, listeners get Vinnie and singer Robert Curry going back and forth about a woman who’s bad meaning good in a variety of ways. She’s got it together, but she also doesn’t mind being taken care of. She’s a great woman who is perfect just the way she is–regardless of convention.

Essentially, they’re talking about the (realistic) ideal. Sometimes, you’ve got to prop up that idea, even if it’s not 100% reality for 100% of people out there. Why? Simply put, the idea of the realistic ideal situation helps people become the person they want to be. Plus, a realistic ideal can help people become comfortable in their own skin, regardless of if they match the masses’ ideals or not. Besides, no one should want to be exactly like anyone else and Vinnie understands this.

Check out “Gotta Love It” below and remember to support dope music in all its forms.

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