Ehiorobo Delivers Smooth Vibes on Pool

Ehiorobo’s latest track “Pool” sounds little like his previous releases this year. Instead of being as brash as possible and pulling out his inner JPEGMAFIA, “Pool” feels like a mix between Frank Ocean and Giveon. It’s very soulful and features the NYC artist crooning about connections and seeing where they go.

There is, however, a moment where things start to go more towards his other tracks. Specifically, when the pitch of the vocals warps to be a bit huskier, we’re given a look into the song’s lyrics. He wants to be with this person and grow with them, yes. However, there may be something that’s keeping him from fully getting to where he wants to be. That apprehension seems to be a partly self-created construct, as he’s unable to move forward on his own. It also seems to be partly created by an emotional impasse between Ehiorobo and his partner. Add this to the video (which seemingly features a breakup of sorts) and you’ve got a nuanced look at the deterioration of a relationship. Oftentimes, relationships don’t blow up like they do on TV. Instead, it’s a slow burn to separation–something I’m pretty familiar with in my personal life.

What I’ve come to appreciate about Ehiorobo is that he’s very diverse in his approaches to sometimes simple subjects. “Pool” is no exception. So check it out below and remember to support dope music in all its forms.

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