Goldie Luxx Struggles with Toxicity in DRM

Goldie Luxx’s “DRM” reminds me a bit of Jules Henny in that the song takes a concept, strips it, then flips it on its head. And this is done all while the artist sings about the topic at hand. While “DRM” isn’t about the pressures of life and trying to stay afloat, it does deal with a toxic relationship and how Goldie wants to leave. However, she knows that she can’t leave, due to her somewhat addiction to the toxicity of it all.

The visuals are great, as they feature the songstress struggling to break free from her lover–and the web he’s helped to weave to keep her inside. By the end of the video, both Goldie and her lover are ensnared in the web, symbolizing the difficulty some may run into when leaving a bad relationship. This is all done over a beat that’s as tragic as it is bouncy, which is where another Jules Henny comparison comes up. They both talk about some pretty dark and traumatizing things. However, both artists do so over instrumentation that isn’t exactly complete doom and gloom. That juxtaposition makes the subject matter hit that much harder.

Check out the visuals for “DRM” and remember to support dope music in all its forms.

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