Drouz3y and G Yamazawa Want to Be Legendary

Drouz3y is a hip-hop artist from Guam. In fact, he may be the first Guamanian-residing artist I’ve ever covered on SOTB. Lyrically, the brother’s got bars, which I’ve been able to hear after checking out some of his other tracks. However, his latest song, “LEGENDARY,” keeps that same energy going as he trades lyrics with G Yamazawa, a North Carolina-based artist. On “LEGENDARY,” both artists set out to showcase why they should be considered in at least one person’s discussion on some of the best lyricists out there. The energy each artist gives on the track is high, which allows for bars to stick in your ears and stick with you.

What really pulls this one together for me is the beat, though. The bars are solid either way, but the beat is fire. It has a certain type of cinematic feel to it (think Drake’s “Over” instrumental). That feeling allows both artists to unleash their lyrical barrages to fans and opposing forces alike. When a fire-emoji-deserving beat collides with high energy, you’re bound to have a high-caliber song. That’s exactly what we get with LEGENDARY. Check out the track above and remember to support dope music in all its forms. I’m not writing just to get views; I write about each and every artist I do because I believe in their gift(s).

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