TEC Aims to Web The World on Latest Song

TEC’s latest “Web The World,” from the album of the same name, finds the Louisiana native flowing effortlessly while providing a story of determination and legitimately making it out the mud. The artist walks a fine line between indulging in less-than-savory behaviors and helping those around him avoid those same behaviors. Essentially, the song serves as a notice to the world that TEC is going to make it–regardless of who or what’s in his way. The sing-rap approach used on most of the song lets it be radio-friendly and polished, all the while still being as gruff and realistic as life can be. For those who’re hearing TEC for the first time, his sound here reminds me of Lil Baby on “The Bigger Picture” or “Emotionally Scarred.”

He wants more for himself and his family than just being “just another nigga on the block,” even if that’s how he came up. That comes out heavily in this song, which is the main reason why I chose to highlight the track in the first place. The rest of the album proper features that same duality, bouncing from introspective to anthemic and from motivational to lavishly expressing love of/for his situation. Check out the visuals for “Web The World” above and remember to support dope music in all its forms.

Speed on the Beat

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