Steven Malcolm and KB are On Point

Steven Malcolm’s “On Point” says that it’s CHH. If you want your CHH to have a turn-up factor to it and a chant-ready hook, “On Point” is for you. Who knew CHH could do bangers after bangers? Well, I knew when I heard KRIT blend religion and secular music together and when I actually sat down to listen to Lecrae. Then, came “Sunday Service” from Hunnid and Perry Vee. But for those who are still unaware, this one is a good starting point. It’s inspirational, rise and grind-ready and manages to be uplifting and spiritual without beating you over the head with religious overtones.

The best way to reach an audience who’s not as used to receiving nourishment in their music is not by remaking trap songs for the Lord (forget what ol’ boy said on Insecure this past episode). No, my friends. The best way, from where I’m standing, is by blending mainstream sounds and influences with a healthy helping of “God is incredible, with Him I can achieve anything” without making it sound like your parents’ (or older brother’s) CHH. Check it out below and remember to support dope music in all its forms.

Speed on the Beat

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