Genra Asks What You Want on Latest Track

Genra’s “What You Want” reminds me a bit of a Blu and Exile track, circa Below the Heavens. The instrumental is bluesy but upbeat, like Exile produced it from a DITC sample. Meanwhile, the bars are of the multisyllabic variety. Those multisyllabic rhymes also detail Genra’s path, his past and his future, showing that while he’s getting to where he wants to be, there’s still a ways to go. He also wants to make music that’s timeless for his growing fanbase, but sometimes questions if what he’s doing is really what they want.

Digging a bit deeper into Genra’s story shows that the North Oakland native lived with the sound of Bay Area music for a while and was signed to a modeling contract fresh out of high school, while still being scouted by labels. These moments helped to shape the genre of music Genra puts out, which seems to be in the realm of reflective boombap that has a West Coast tinge to it. That’s another reason why the Blu comparisons come out full-force for me–especially on “What You Want.” It’s a great track, so check it out below and remember to support dope music in all its forms.

Speed on the Beat

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