Dylan Owen Releases Hurt Enough

Today, Dylan Owen released “Hurt Enough,” his collaborative effort with Kinetics & One Love. Utilizing a slightly chipmunked sample, Owen talks about a relationship that went south and his want for closure—and the struggle that’s come with not exactly getting it. He and Kinetics provide the lyricism, while One Love handles the production. All in all, it’s a great collaboration, one that understood the assignment.

It’s a beautiful song, one that has a lot of emotional vulnerability attached to it. I’ve a soft spot for music that details trying times in such a way. I feel that it’s made even more beautiful by the away-from-it-all visuals presented. This is as the video was shot on the outskirts of LA in a manner that resembles an old home movie at points. Such a choice would already intrigue me, but when put together with the lyrics? I knew I had to write about it. Check out “Hurt Enough” above and support dope music in all its forms.

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