Yona Marie is Loyal on Her Latest

On a track which feels like a feelgood 2010s R&B bop, DMV native Yona Marie preaches about the importance of loyalty. Be it with friends, family or lovers, the concept of loyalty is one that’ll never go out of style. What grabbed me on this song was Marie’s vocals. She described them as a mix between H.E.R. and India.Arie. I’d say that’s true with her songwriting skill and laidback but still powerful vocals. However, I’d throw a bit of a Kelly Rowland in there, as well.

The song is cut-and-dry in where it stands: if you’re loyal, you’ll get loyalty back and the love you give will be reciprocated if you’re loyal. The beat has a throwback feel to it, but doesn’t feel cheapened by its middle-school energy. Check out the song below and remember to support all dope music in all its forms.

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