SGE Kash Rhymes About the Lost Letters in His Life

I ran SGE Kash’s latest track “Lost Letters” back a few times since I first heard it this morning. That’s saying a lot, considering I have a vast variety of tracks to choose from. It’s a certified banger, one that delves into Kash’s past and his desires to be better than he once was while still never forgetting where he came from. It’s like a Roddy Ricch track in some ways. That’s to say Kash has a bit of a Roddy Ricch-esque flow while still being lyrical like Roddy tends to be. That said, it’s a distinctly Baltimore-centric track, down to the video. The visuals for “Lost Letters” feature Kash, Lil Poppa and Kash’s team in a park surrounded by Baltimore rowhouses. The video is simple enough, which is good here as it doesn’t distract from what Kash and Poppa spit about.

What makes this one stand out to me is its honesty and the way that Kash floats over the beat. The lyrics are impressive and hard-hitting. However, it’s the flow that got my attention and made me listen to the bars spat. Once I heard the bars and saw the schemes there, I said to myself “this is a good song, both message-wise and from a lyrical standpoint.” Check out the visuals and the song above and remember to support dope music in all its forms.

Speed on the Beat

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