Ariane Andrew Lampoons Mainstream Sexually-Charged Rap in Latest Song

Okay, you’re probably looking at me like “what the eff? Why is Speed featuring a track called ‘Pussy Clap’ by Ariane Andrew? I thought this was a family site.” Well, two things. First of all, one of my all-time highest-viewed articles was an interview with Aurora Jolie and I curse like a sailor in my music. Nothing about SOTB is family-friendly, except the fact that I take care of my kids. Two, I’ve got to give credit where credit is due. Not too many people can make a tongue-in-cheek quick bop while still critiquing standards and people’s views on sexuality.

Don’t get me wrong: I love twerkers, I love dancers and I love the occasional twerk anthem. That’s a bar right there. That said, I don’t want my whole life to revolve around sex and twerk anthems. Life would be pretty dull if it was nothing but ass and tiddies and big booty–I pray you get the idea. Enter Ariane Andrew, who’s done a pretty masterful job reinventing herself over the years. In the vein of a City Girls song, she critiques people who only view women as sex objects while also poking fun at a chunk of mainstream music, down to the quickness of the song.

Check out the quick track above and support dope music in all its forms.

Speed on the Beat

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