Even If She’s “Late to the Party,” Emei is Here

Emei’s “Late to the Party” took me back to the first time I heard Alessia Cara’s “Here.” Both songs deal with a bit of FOMO in a dark, somewhat snarky way. However, the earnest nature and honesty attached to both songs really does ask “what’s the rush for?” As Cara’s debut (to my ears) dealt with parties and not being the social butterfly people expect her to be, Emei’s “Late to the Party” deals with the 20-something being a bit of a late bloomer in her musical career.

In a world where tweens and teenagers are getting deals, it can sometimes feel like older artists are late (even if they’re not that old to begin with). I love the production on this one, which is handled by LEXIM, as it once again reminds me of an Alessia Cara song. Emei deals with the pressures of achieve a lot at a young age with a “screw it, I’m gonna do it my way” sort of approach–which is valiant in 2021. She’s going at her own pace and is carving out her own way. That makes me a supporter of what she’s putting down.

Check out “Late to the Party” below and remember to support dope music in all its forms.

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