TwonDon Pays Respect and Stakes His Claim on “Hood Hop Forever”

Over a piano sample, TwonDon’s “Hood Hop Forever” features the NJ native doing what he did on his previous release. He goes a bit Meek Mill on this one, in that the track sounds a bit like the first part of “Dreams and Nightmares.” And like the classic Meek track, the song aims to make its mark on its listeners. From the lyricism to the rare audio clip at the end, we get even more insights into who TwonDon is.

Paying homage to one of his OGs, TwonDon’s audio clip inclusion showcases a conversation between himself and J-Kwon, rapper of songs such as “Tipsy” and the track “HHF” is named after, 2004’s “Hood Hop.” Kwon was one of the first artists to give Twon a cosign and his due props. It’s important to let people know where you came from if you’re planning to stay for a while. Twon does this here in a way that’s equal parts homage and creating one’s own path to greatness. Check out “HHF” below and remember to support dope music in all its forms.

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