Huskii Debuts on SOTB with “Ruin My Life”

I heard a snippet of Huskii’s “Ruin My Life” on SubmitHub. Instead of saying “hey, I didn’t hear the whole song, so DECLINE,” I sought out the whole track’s video on YouTube. It’s a gritty lyrical exercise in eviscerating your opposition in one fell swoop. Sonically, the song sounds like what’d happen if you took Eminem when he was incredibly hungry still and mixed in some mid-90s Nas. In other words, the rhymes are fire and the rhyme schemes are just as incredible.

Huskii claims he’s putting on for Australia in a way that it hasn’t been put on before. I don’t know too much about the Australian scene, but if they’re spitting like this? Yeah, I’m going to need some more of it–and soon. I also love the visuals to the track, as the black and white nature adds to the grit. The visuals aren’t earth-shatteringly over the top, instead opting for scenes where Huskii directs his lyrical barrages at the camera. It’s almost as if he’s speaking directly to each listener with his approach.

Check out the visuals and the song below and support dope music in all its forms.

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