Nikki Elle and Street Peach Delve into a Dark Art

On a song that’s equal parts danceable and introspective about the darkness that may surround some Scorpios, “Dark Art” is a multifaceted song. With vocals by Street Peach and production by Nikki Elle, the duo discuss a bit of black magic while still balancing that with light “magic.” In other words, the song is dark and has a teensy bit of ominousness to it. However, it’s light and airy in its approach to the darkness. Street Peach’s vocals are chilling at some points, smooth at others. The track itself reminds me a bit of a Prince cut in that it’s funky and multi-instrumental, but also has a discussion on harder topics than what’s presented on the surface. Think “Darling Nikki” for a somewhat apt comparison. Check out the song below and remember to support dope music in all its forms. And remember that there is light, even in darkness.

Speed on the Beat

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