Ehiorobo Presents “City Morgue”

Ehiorobo drops a new track and I listen. Then, I tell you to listen. That’s how this usually goes, because the brother’s diverse and goes pretty deep in his songwriting and vocalism. On this one, he sings about his experiences in a city. While he’s never put his roots down in any one place for long, he sings about his moments with people in certain places, certain old spaces.

His vocal ability is, as always, the strong point on this one. He layers his vocals to give a bit of a haunting feeling to them while also sounding as if he’s a one-man choir speaking on his life and the stories within it. Lyrically, he hones in on progression past these previous experiences, a sort of evolution. Sonically, the beat fits the lyricism and adds an additional level of depth to the words sung. Check out the song below and remember to support dope music in all its forms. You never know when your favorite artist will drop something pretty thought-provoking.

Speed on the Beat

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