G.L.A.M. Preps to Black Out on New Track

On “BLACK OUT,” G.L.A.M. and Parris get on a funky, driving beat and attack. There’s really not much else to it besides the song goes in and it’ll get you dancing as much as it’ll get you to think. The song is a bit of a party jam, but it also manages to step into the realm of consciousness at the same time. I love the production on this one, as it reminds me a bit of some late-90s party rap (think Q-Tip on “Breathe and Stop” in its frenetic nature).

One line that sticks out to me is when G.L.A.M. says “fuck a crown or a throne, I look better on my toes.” I love this line because she’s making it known that she’s never sleeping on the job, even as she climbs to greatness. That is what I mean when I say “dope music,” because we’re always growing and maturing. If we stay stagnant, we lose the war. This one is a perfect example of blending conscious lyricism with a turn-up energy. This one continues the vibes we got on fellow Audacity tracks “START SH!T” and “SWEET FIYAH” last month, in that she’s continuing to blend learning with feel-good energies.

Check it out below and remember to support dope music in all its forms.

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