Tamani Joy Delivers Another One with Terracotta (No Limit)

Baltimore’s Tamani Joy has quickly made a mark in the city. With genre-blending and bending songs such as “Terracotta,” there’s no wonder as to why Joy’s been doing so. From the dreamy guitar licks to the matter-of-fact flow about isolation, perseverance, the pandemic and just staying afloat is a sea of insanity, this track has it all.

The thing that really grabbed me was Joy’s flow over the beat and its pairing in the video. As I said, it’s a bit matter-of-fact-like, but it matches so well with the content of the video (which mainly consists of Tamani waxing poetic and prophetically about life). It’s like a massage of the mental to help you reach your full potential. In other words, it fits perfectly with what I tend to post over here on SOTB. I come to the site expecting to talk about good music, regardless of its genre. Tamani Joy delivers on that, and in spades.

It’s been two weeks since I first saw this one and, watching again today, I’m like “yeah, it still hits the same.” Check out the visuals as well as the song in question and remember to support dope music in all its forms. Citizens of my city keep doing me proud in terms of their artistry.

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